Time Bokan: The Villains' Strike Back

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  • The Ranking That Prince Shotoku Came Up With: The Twelve Bokan Ranking System! And What Will Become of Bimajo?!

  • A Major Player of the Genpei War! What’s the Super Surprising Reason Minamoto no Yoshitsune Was Able to Defeat Benkei?!

  • The Inescapable Alcatraz Prison! What Super Surprising and Ridiculous Plans Were Used to Prevent Escape?!

  • Matsuo Basho Was a Ninja?! What’s the Super Surprising Truth Behind the Trip for “The Narrow Road to the Interior”?!

  • Alexander Graham Bell Invented the Telephone! What Super Surprising Struggle Led to Its Creation?!

  • Imoto Is a Historical Figure?! What’s the Super Surprising Problem That the Beast Hunter Imoto Ayako Has?!

  • Kasuga no Tsubone Was the Daughter of a Traitor! What Was the Super Surprising Reason She Climbed to the Top of the Ooku?!

  • What’s the Super Surprising Reason One of the Major Players of the Meiji Restoration, Saigo Takamori, Had a Dog?!

  • What’s the Super Surprising Reason Beethoven Looks So Scary in His Portrait?!

  • What Was the God of Education, Sugawara no Michizane’s Super Surprising Legend About Being a Genius?!

  • What Super Surprising Catch Phrase Did the Famous Inventor, Hiraga Gennai, Think Up That We Still Use Today?!

  • What’s the Super Surprising Reason the Famous Japanese Ukiyo-e Artist Katsushika Hakusai Moved 93 Times?!

  • Announcer Fukuzawa Appears Once Again! The Statue of Liberty Ultra Quiz!

  • What was Napoleon’s Super Surprising Method of Getting a Good Night’s Sleep When He Supposedly Only Slept 3 Hours?!

  • What Were the Super Surprising Treasures that Kukai Found All Over Japan?!

  • What’s Mito Komon’s Super Surprising Connection with NTV Announcer Miura Asami?!

  • Methods That Can Still Be Used Today! What Was Yang Guifei’s Super Surprising Beauty Regimen?!

  • The Shogun Loves to Save Money?! What Was Tokugawa Ieyasu’s Super Surprising Method of Saving Money?!

  • What’s the Super Surprising Way That Even You Can Become the World-Renowned Heroine, the Little Mermaid?!

  • What Super Surprising Food Was the Great Author Natsume Soseki Obsessed With?!

  • What Super Surprising Thing Was the Author of Sherlock Holmes, Arthur Conan Doyle, Obsessed With?!

  • What Super Surprising Thing Was the Mercenary of the Bakumatsu, Sakamoto Ryoma, the First to Do in Japan?!

  • What Was the Super Surprising Job that the God of Baseball, Babe Ruth, Tried to Do?!

  • What’s the Super Surprising Connection Between the Genius Inventor Edison and Japan?!