Time Bokan 24

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  • The Genius da Vinci Was the Final Episode!

  • Nightingale Was Actually the ________ in White!

  • America’s Moon Landing Was Staged!

  • Versailles Was Actually a ________ Center!

  • The Shinsengumi Was Actually a _________ Group!

  • Murasaki Shikibu Was Actually a ________!

  • The Nazca Lines Were __________!

  • What Sanzo Hoshi Was Striving For Was the World’s Best ______!

  • Galileo Galilei Was Actually a ______!

  • Pythagoras Was Actually a Genius of ______!

  • The Ninja Hattori Hanzo Was Actually a ______!

  • Santa Claus Was Actually ______!

  • Joan of Arc was the First ______!

  • Guns First Being Introduced to Japan Was Actually ______ First Being Introduced to Japan!

  • The Land-taking Battle During the Warring States Era Was Actually a _____ Battle!

  • Gagarin’s Famous Quote Was, “The Earth Is ______”!

  • Seton Animal Chronicles Was Actually Donut Chronicles!

  • What Columbus Discovered Was Not a New Continent, But a New Exercise Called Gymnastics!

  • Shibuya’s Hachiko Was Actually a Bee!

  • Halloween’s Trick or Treat Was Actually Tottori or Shimane!

  • Dinosaurs Were Humans’ Pets!

  • Momotaro Was Actually More of an Ogre than an Actual Ogre!

  • The Wright Brothers Were Actually an Only Child!

  • Cleopatra Was Actually a Comedy Duo Known as Cleo and Patra!