Shin Atashinchi

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  • This House is My Castle! | Mikan and the Cherry Blossom Viewing | Everybody’s Dream

  • The Hot Spring Slippers | Yoshioka Hates Fish | Yuzu’s Nicknames

  • Mom’s Surprise Present | Yuzuhiko and the Baseball Club (Part One) | Yuzuhiko and the Baseball Club (Part Two)

  • They’ll Never Notice | Mom Pretends She Knows | The Yuzu-Fandom’s Hallowed Ground

  • Mom Understands Dad | Rabbit Doodles | Yoshioka Doesn’t Want to Take an Umbrella

  • The Smart Way of Returning an Umbrella | Why Did You Just Laugh? | Yuzu and the Shadow Realm

  • Takkun the Big Eater | Mom, Dad, Trekking | Mikan Drops the Balls

  • Mikan Doesn’t Want to Help | Nothing Beats Dad’s Kindness | I Want Hamburg Steaks

  • Mothers, Parents to the Entrance Exam Students | Mikan’s Valentine | Yuzu’s Late-night Men’s Meal

  • Takkun’s Bean Throwing Festival | Mikan’s a Boor | The Guineafowl Incident

  • Mom Is Strangely Intuitive | According to Men’s Plan | You-Can-Do-It Beam

  • Mom Spaces Out | Nasuo’s Character Bentos | Is This No-Creepo?

  • Dad Doesn’t Consult | Mom’s Brain Training | Ugh, Boys

  • New Year’s at the Tachibana House | The Mochi Competition | New Year’s is Too Short

  • A Beary Christmas | Prehistoric Mom Swears on Her Intuition | Iwaki-kun and the Christmas Cake

  • Mikan, the Window-cleaning Pro | Mom’s Hunch Intelligence | Mom’s Not Good at Examples

  • Sudou-chan’s Glasses | Donut Fever | What I’m Into Lately

  • Mom, in the Hip Bath | Yoshioka Envy! | Mom’s Rejuvenation Methods

  • Pull Out That Gray Hair | Yuzu Is Bad At Not Being Independent | What Does Dad See in Mom?

  • Shiny Forehead | Mom, the Refill Genius | Man’s Bluntness

  • Mom and the Jigsaw Puzzle | Mikan Confuses | Simple Meals

  • Mom’s on the Ball | Yuzu and Friends Go to the Movies | Men’s Peace

  • Kawashima’s Charm | Mizushima-san is Young | Take Care of Your Own Butt!

  • Yuzupi’s Mother | Mothers’ Bowling | Beware Mom’s Angry Glare

  • Mikan is Reset to Factory Settings | We’ve Been Here For a While | Dad is Very Tolerant

  • Strong-Willed Mom! | Yuzu Wants to Wear Sunglasses | Mom Likes New Weapons