Joker 3

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  • Welcome to the Shining Night!

  • The Night That Lost Its Shine

  • Clash! The Devil’s Fang!

  • Bonds Lost on the Ocean!

  • The Vow of Love and Death

  • Welcome to the Dark of Darkness!

  • Go After the International Conference!

  • The Firebird and the Urn of Life

  • Heart-Pounding Panic in a Hot Spring! Clash!!!! The Arrow of Terror Aimed at Joker and the Mystery of the Reverse Perspective Steam Trick and it’s too freaking long!

  • Inseverable Dreams and Promises

  • The Boy With the Eyes of God

  • The Sand Demon and the Masked King

  • The Shining Night and the Messenger of the Southern Cross!

  • Decisive Battle! Phantom Thief Survival Game Part 2!

  • Decisive Battle! Phantom Thief Survival Game Part 1!

  • Requiem for the Masks

  • The Sky Joker in Peril!

  • A Hero’s Qualifications

  • The Genie’s Lamp and the Palace of Prophecy

  • Countdown Television!

  • The Shadow, the Eye, and the Fakes!

  • The Ship of Lies and the White Devil

  • Clash!!!! The Bell Rings for Her

  • The Road to the Tiger’s Eyes

  • Phoenix and a New Companion

  • A Fallen Star on the Shining Night