Frame Arms Girl

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  • Last Battle / That Which I Give to You

  • What Lies Behind That Emotion / A Public Bath! A Battle?

  • Hot Pot Day / Battle! Battle!! Battle!!!

  • Ah, I’ll Catch A Cold / Together Again Tomorrow

  • The Pep Rally / Autumn Beckons…

  • Vs. Hresvelgr” / “First Tale of the F.A. Girls

  • Fireworks Festival of Feelings / Let’s Go to School 2

  • The Architect is Activated / The Errand Race

  • Jinrai Has Arrived! / Redecorating is Fun

  • Let’s Go to School / Here Come the Materia Sisters

  • Can a Sty-ko who Can’t Fly be Called “Sty-ko”? / We’re Gonna Clean

  • Gourai