DD Fist of the North Star II

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  • The Ultimate Papier-mâché Plan / Papier-mâché, Be Eternal

  • Brothers Space, A Sudden Christmas Carol

  • Is This What a Voice Actor Is? / Mam Up With Youth!

  • Idol, Idoled, Idoling / It’s an Anime DD-Version Momotaro

  • Ryuken’s Murder Case / I’m Him, And Who’s He?

  • Green Peppers for Fried Rice, but Beans for Story

  • Best Ep Evar / Happiness from a Hidebu Quiz

  • You Can’t Do Without a Pyramid! / Right or Wrong, a Strong School Song!

  • The School Stair Ghost Scare Blick, Block, Black! Toki-san’s Sweet Deal

  • Yes, Let’s Go To The Nurse’s Office / A Serious Bicycle Death Road

  • Three Brothers (Not Dango) / The Clock Tower’s Elevator

  • I Found a Minor End of the Century / The Villain and His Friends