As Miss Beelzebub Likes.

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  • Her Assistant Knows Not Her Highness’s Heart. / The Name of That Feeling Is…

  • Gocchin in Merryland

  • Separated by One Can of Coffee. / Your Scent on a Cold Day.

  • They Pass Each Other by Sometimes. / I had a Dream

  • I Want to Say “Cute.” / Let’s Go to the Beach.

  • The Pandemonium Baths Are Great. You Should Visit. / I Want to Learn More…

  • 9 Centimeters. / Her Highness’s Secret.

  • A Bit Bitter, Bibliomania. / Go Forth, with Brownies.

  • Fly! Imaginary Wings. / Her Highness Checking in on Someone Sick for the First Time.

  • Former Angel with Wings. / The Assistant, a Complete Sadist

  • Brother Tastes Like a Fairy Tale. / She’s Here, Vibration Girl.

  • Boy Meets Fluffy Girl. / Her Highness Knows Not Her Assistant’s Heart.